Race night explained

  • There are 8 horse races on the night followed by 1 auction race which is musical chairs done live on the night - NOT TO BE MISSED!

  • A full betting sheet will be available around the clubhouse and displayed at the betting station for you to choose who you back for each race

  • The tote will be announced open over the speaker for each race and betting will be available for a limited time. Final calls will also be announced before each races betting closes

  • There will be running the tote (betting station) and there will be a contactless options (with a fee)

  • Each ticket cost £1 and there is no limit to how many tickets you buy

  • You can also place bets on multiple horses in each race

  • Once the tote is closed, the total amount of tickets sold for that race are counted, and then split 70/30 between the club and the payout for winning punters.

  • Once the race has finished, the winning horse will be announced alongside the winning cash amount per ticket

  • We invite you to write your name on the back of any losing tickets, fold in half and place into the bin provided on the night. This will automatically enter you into our raffle which will take place on the night. We will be pulling tickets from the bin at various times of the evening, so even if your horse doesn't win, you still have another chance to win something!


From the example race above, a total of 100 tickets were sold in this race, which amounts to £100 collected. This is then split 70/30 between the club and the prize pot for punters. So £70 has been raised for South East Athletic & £30 goes into the prize pot for the winning punters.

To work out how much each winning ticket i worth we simply divide the prize pot by the number of tickets sold. We will always round the winning ticket to the nearest 50p

  • If horse 4 was to win, there were just 4 tickets sold so each winning ticket would be worth £7.50.

  • If horse 6 was to win, there were 16 winning tickets sold so each winning ticket would be worth £2

Auction race

  • For our auction race, we will have 8 members of the club compete in a game of musical chairs. so the last man standing at the end will be declared the winner

  • Betting will be exactly the same for this race

  • Each member will be auctioned off before the race starts, and we recommend that people group together in order to put together a good bid for a better chance to back your favoured member.

Hopefully that is everything explained, all our committee will bee on hand on the evening to answer any questions.

We look forward to seeing you at this event!