The New Badge

Below we have tried to capture the reasons for the elements on our new badge. Each element was carefully selected as it has symbolic importance to our club.

The Shield

This is our coat of arms embodying our representation, our identity and our family crest. The Shield protects our identity ready to defend its members.


Represents the pride, fight and spirit of our club. It’s the embodiment of SEA, the never say die attitude and also a nod to our previous badge. We have chosen the head of a lion with strong features bedecked with a mane of vibrant South East Athletic colours of navy and sky blue.

The Shamrock

A nod to our founders, the essence of the club borne from three Irish families, and another nod to our beginnings, our history.

The Thames

This is our roots, our locality and our environment. We’re proud to play in South East London and have been around this area for our entire history. Also forming a big part of our name as South East Athletic is our attachment to South East London

SEA / 2004

This is who we are and where we came from. We’ll always remember the start of our journey, a reminder of our humble beginnings and the path we’ve travelled in the years since.


‘Futbolaren Familia’ a literal translation from basque as ‘Football Family’. This is our ethos and our culture, a football family. Regardless of background, skin colour, ethnicity or beliefs; our passion, our goals, our love of the beautiful game is all that matters. It is written in basque to celebrate our unique ties with the amazing fan base of CA Osasuna - our extended football family.

Colour Scheme

We have used navy and sky blue as the predominant colours as these are our original colours when the Club began in 2004 and a tradition we have continued to this day. The white background on the shield gives the Lion’s head prominence, giving it sharp focus and bringing it out as the main element to our badge.

The Old Badge

South East Athletic (SEA) were formed in 2004 as a family club, made by the combining of three Irish families. Badges and social media didn’t really exist back then and the team began life as just a group of mates and brothers all playing football together in South London.

8 years ago the club was still a single team playing in the District league, by chance we saw the Osasuna badge on a video game and fell in love with the simple yet beautiful design. A proud lion on the crest invoking images of strength, pride and togetherness, all characteristics we want our club to embody. We also knew that the Osasuna club and badge weren’t particularly well-known in England. We never intended to breach copyright agreements or steal others intellectual property. We adopted the badge in good faith that it would bring us luck. Since then the badge has given us an identity recognised across the footballing community in South London and Kent. We have earnt the respect of others due to how we approach games, run the club and hold true to our solid family ethos.

We never imagined the growth of the club a few years ago and today we have three adult Saturday teams, a veterans team, a Sunday team and also a youth football team (Under 10 years).

The spotlight on social media has meant our badge was bound to be picked up by the Osasuna faithful one day!