About us

Our ethos

We are a driven club that has core family values; all members of the club are involved for the love of the game and to see that smile or insane celebration ripple through our families enjoyment. As a club we have a great group of volunteers who make this possible and the club continues to grow and evolve year on year. We move to 6 teams this year and have achieved the clubs highest accolade in winning an intermediate level cup in Kent #COYSEA

Where do we play?

All 7 of our teams play in the same location, which is a great luxury that we have this opportunity for the SEA youth at the age of 6 to see right through to the vibrant vets all at the same place ... use the map to locate us

Club Honours

KCFL Intermediate Challenge Shield: 2018/19

KCFL Div 3 Champions: 2015/16

BDFL Premier Div Champions: 2011/12, 2014/15

BDFL Premier Div Runners Up: 2013/14

BDFL Second Div Champions: 2004/05

BDFL Ron Pope Trophy Winners: 2006/07

BDFL Challenge Cup Winners: 2013/14

WFA Burdett Coutts Cup Winners: 2008/09,14/15

WFA Burdett Coutts Cup Runners Up: 2012/13

BDFL Charity Cup Runners Up: 2013/14

BDFL Jr Challenge Cup Runners Up: 2005/ 06

BDFL Sportsmans Trophy Winners: 11/12, 13/14

BDFL Goal Getters Cup Winners: 2004/05, 13/14

OUR badge


South East Athletic (SEA) were formed in 2004 as a family club, made by the combining of three Irish families. Badges and social media didn’t really exist back then and the team began life as just a group of mates and brothers all playing football together in South London.

8 years ago the club was still a single team playing in the District league, by chance we saw the Osasuna badge on a video game and fell in love with the simple yet beautiful design. A proud lion on the crest invoking images of strength, pride and togetherness, all characteristics we want our club to embody. We also knew that the Osasuna club and badge weren’t particularly well-known in England. We never intended to breach copyright agreements or steal others intellectual property. We adopted the badge in good faith that it would bring us luck. Since then the badge has given us an identity recognised across the footballing community in South London and Kent. We have earnt the respect of others due to how we approach games, run the club and hold true to our solid family ethos.

We never imagined the growth of the club a few years ago and today we have three adult Saturday teams, a veterans team, a Sunday team and also a youth football team (Under 10 years).

The spotlight on social media has meant our badge was bound to be picked up by the Osasuna faithful one day! We hope you accept our use of your badge and know that we wear it with pride.